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Welcome to Applewood Farm & Winery 

 ~ North of Port ~


Opening Weekend May 4-5.  11am-5pm.

Applewood Farm & Winery has been producing unique, award winning fruit wines, Cider and Meade for over 23 years. Our wines are made from fruit and honey harvested right here on our farm, as well as fruit supplied by other local farms. We look forward to welcoming you our new farm, winery, and home. 

Applewood Farm & Winery is a great destination for young and old to enjoy a little bit of the country, close to the city. We are a family run, family friendly farm and winery. We invite you and your family to come spend a while under our tree.

Winter Fire


At the winery...


We are now closed for the  season. 

See you in again May. 

We have loads planned for our 2024 season & we can't wait to see you. 

Our new Meade is on the shelf and delicious!

Our Blueberry Cider is finally bottled and available on pop up dates.

Come in and check out our new Rhubarb Liqueur, it's amazing!

We are currently working on our Crabapple Pear Cider for this spring.

A new batch of Cinnamon Heart Moonshine is on the shelf.

And as always... Filtering, bottling, etc. 

On the farm...

Thanks for a great 2023! 

Loads of preparations in store for next year.

Our bees  are out and trying to enjoy this unsettled spring weather...

Our 2024 garlic crop has popped up from the ground and is looking great.

Mulberries and Crabapples have been pruned and are starting to open buds with the warmer weather.

Taking time to enjoy the last couple weekends with the kids before we open up again.

Our strawberry plants and pumpkin seeds are ready to be planted just as soon as things warm up a little more.

~Always check our socials for updates~

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