Common questions about Applewood Farm & Winery



Is there an admission fee to Applewood Farm?


There are fees to enter the farm, play ground, petting zoo, corn maze, wagon rides, and fruit picking.  One admission fee covers entrance to all these areas.  There is no admission to park or visit the winery.

How are the pick-your-own apples priced?


We will be happy to provide you with complimentary heavy-duty recyclable plastic bag.  Bags will hold approximately 8 kilograms (20 pounds) of your choice of apples.  The pick your own fee is per bag filled, we do not offer apples by the pound so remember to fill your bags all the way up!  Please see apple picking prices for more information.


Are there washrooms on site?


We do have a “porta-potty” available and a hand-washing station.


Can I bring my dog to spend the day with my family on the farm?


No, there are no pets allowed..


Do you accept credit cards or debit?


We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and Master Card at the farm and winery.   Quite often there may be a longer wait time to pay by card as we must wait for each payment to be processed.  Our Food truck (farm weekends only) accepts cash only.  There is no cash back available at the farm or winery.



Do you offer school tours?  Birthday Parties, etc.?


We do not offer organized school tours at this time.    Groups of any size are welcome to visit the farm any time during business hours.  Regular pricing applies.  Unfortunately we can not recieve buses on weekends or holidays.


Do apples bruise easily?


Yes apples bruise very easily so we encourage you to treat them with “tender loving care”. If you want to compare “apples to oranges”, believe it or not apples are more delicate than eggs! When you pick your apple from a tree, it should be in pristine condition. If you drop an apple on the ground it will not keep as long as an undamaged apple.


How long is the tractor wagon ride?


It takes approximately 10 minutes to travel round trip to the orchard, pumpkin patch and back. During the peak season, we’ll have 2 wagons working simultaneously, so your wait will be no longer than 10 minutes.


What about strawberry picking prices?


Check out our Strawberry Picking price page

Do you allow buses at your farm?


We can accomodate buses during the week.  We cannot accomodate buses on weekends or holidays.  Please do email us if you intend to bring a bus to the farm so we can be ready to accomodate you.



Do you spray your trees?


At Applewood we too are concerned about the environment. We adhere to an environmental farm plan. We spray minimally and only when absolutely necessary.  When we do have to spray, we consider the health of both people, and the environment.  We take measures to protect the health of local bird and bee populations by spraying only early morning and only when absolutely necessary.  Thus ensuring the health of the crop.   We do not spray our crop close to harvest time.

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