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~Strawberry, raspberry or Blueberry Jam

~apple BBQ sauce

~hot eggplant relish 

~strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing

~apple salsa

~apple butter

~apple syrup

~pumpkin butter

$8 each or 3/$22



~buckwheat honey

~wildflower honey

$14/kg  unpasteurized

~fresh cut honey comb


~wellesley apple cider

$12 / gallon

~mulberry and lavender tea

$10 / 30 grams

~Mixed lentil soup 

$12/500ml Jar (makes approx 6 generous servings)

~pecan butter tarts

$10 / 6 tarts

~pumpkin spice loaf


~bumble butter hand salve

$10 / 2oz.

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